Anti-Bacterial General Purpose Wipes - 100 Wipe Tub

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SYGNET Anti-Bacterial General Purpose Wipes

Bacterial contamination of work surfaces and equipment can be a problem both at home and the work place. Minimise this risk by using Sygnet Anti-Bacterial General Purpose Wipes.

• Nursing Homes

• Medical and Dental Practices

• Optometrists

• Offices

• Factories

• Food probes

• Hotels

• Motels

• Child Care Centres

• Households  

All chemicals used in the formulation for these wipes comply with the US Food & Drug Administration. 

Cite: 21CFR178.1010 Sanitising Solutions

Product Code 107

• Dispenser contains 100 wipes.

• Wipes are pre-started.

• The tubs have a foil seal.

• Wipes Measure 200 mm x 140mm

• Packed in cartons each containing 20 units. 

• The dispenser is made from plastic products that can be recycled.