About Us

Safetystore prides its self on its customer service, we go the extra mile to keep our customers happy. We are not traditional and like to think outside the box. Between our web shop and our B2B e-commerce platform and fast shipping we have you covered.


We want to supply the best equipment at the best price. By not stocking all the products in the range we can offer better prices. Also it is coming fresh from the factory to your door. This helps us keep costs down and pass them on to you.


We are happy to be there to answer any phone calls you have. We can arrange demonstrations before you buy. It is important to have the correct knowledge for the right application. If we don’t know something we ASK we don’t make the answer up on the spot making sure you get all the information for you to make the right decision.


It is important you have confidence in the gear you are using. We only supply reputable brands that are recognised and support their product 100%. We also ensure that all the products we stock meet the stringent regulations for safety as stipulated by the ASNZ Standards. Your safety will always be our priority.